About Us

In a world which is becoming more impersonal, hurried and stressful, we provide our customers with a comfortable place to shop, where you will find a great selection of pet services at competitive prices and friendly, helpful staff to take care of you. 

We also believe that we have a responsibility to our community. Because we are sad to see how many unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats are put to sleep every day, we encourage our customers to adopt cats and dogs from a local shelter or animal welfare group. Come to PawPrints Grooming and Photography and let us help you take care of your new family member.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and that you visit it often. If you haven't visited our store yet, please come and have a look.

New Owners

The new owners of PawPrints Grooming and Photography would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone!

Drew and Kellen are a married couple with unique backgrounds in the grooming industry. Drew has been a groomer for multiple companies for over 13 years. Kellen is the daughter of a groomer and was enlisted to bath dogs at a young age. Both Drew and Kellen are incredibly excited about this new adventure as well as venturing into the realm of being small business owners.

Please stop in to chat! Drew and Kellen are looking forward to getting to know the town and the people and would love nothing more than to get acquainted with everyone.



PawPrints Grooming has MOVED!

We are now located at:

687 E. Central Ave

Next to the Lauren Young Tire Center

We are open

9am - 5pm

Tuesday - Saturday

Call us today for an appointment!